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Why Use Vegabot?

With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is the perfect marketing platform for business today. However, successfully managing an Instagram account can be time very time consuming especially while running a business. Vegabot simplifies the process of managing an Instagram account so you can focus on refining your product and/or perfecting your service.

The Vegabot team believes that buying likes and fake followers is useless and potentially damaging to your profile. This is why we have optimised our service to help you build genuine connections with real people in your target audience.


Security is our top priority. We take all precautions necessary to ensure your privacy is respected and your information is secure. All our data is encrypted and stored in world-class data centres that employ the highest security standards.

Safe to use

Vegabot uses a safe algorithm, combined with some machine learning magic to ensure your account does not hit any of the instagram limits. So you can sleep easy knowing you won't wake up to a blocked account.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Powered by intuitive artificial intelligence, Vegabot is able to 'learn' how to best perform each activity. From altering post schedules to times when your engagement is usually highest to selecting the most appropriate comment based on the photo context Vegabot is truly a smart marketing tool.

Everything you'll ever need

Whether you’re running an instagram account for retail or a corporate portfolio, Vegabot has your marketing needs covered.

Easily schedule posts to be uploaded automatically at the time you specify. If you are not sure about a time, Vegabot can suggest a time for optimal engagement.

Automatically like pictures based on your set criteria. We use image recognition and filters to ensure photos liked match your set criteria exactly.

Follow/Unfollow users based on your preferred market criteria. Each user is profiled to ensure they fit your tarket audience before being followed.

Our smart analytics will produce regular reports to show you how your engagement is doing based on the activities being run.

Automatically reply to comments on your posts and comment on new posts. Comments are selected using the Vegabot AI and image recognition to ensure they fit the context.

Use our hashtag wizard to generate hashtags relevant to your photo.

Pricing Plans

Vegabot is completely free to download and use while it is in beta. So don't miss out, download now.

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